Fraud Discovery

Two currently-unfolding international fraud scandals share an important common denominator: red flags – brought up by reliable sources nonetheless – were ignored. In each scenario, legitimate agencies and sources pointed […]

Jury Analytics

When people learn that I work for a company that conducts jury research, the most common response is, “Have you seen ‘Bull’?” The show, which debuted in 2016, added a […]


More than 30 years ago, the United States Supreme Court decided Batson v. Kentucky, which prohibits the exercise of peremptory strikes on the basis of race. How is the availability […]

The Value of Litigation Intelligence

Pictures of Lady Justice appear in courthouses throughout the United States blindfolded and holding the scales of justice as a visible representation of the equal and impartial application of the […]

Hiring the Right People

Hiring the Learn-It-Alls

by Shawn Shepard, Esq.

Smith & Carson recently celebrated its fortieth anniversary, and we’re proud of that accomplishment. As you might expect, we’ve developed a lot of expertise in forty years. But I think […]

Note Taking Strategies

Explore the pros and cons of three note-taking strategies to maximize your potential.     In my last post, you learned why you should use technology to organize your thoughts, […]

Social Media Screening

The advancement of social media is profoundly changing the way companies conduct background checks and screen applicants to confirm their credentials. But while social media screening is on the rise, […]

Get Organized

Learn how to free your mind for maximum performance by storing your notes in an easily accessible way through simple technology.   You Are What You Remember   Is it […]

Social Media

Social media evidence, ranging from Facebook status updates to Instagram photograph posts, can provide valuable insight and information about a person, which makes locating and assessing the social media accounts of […]

Investigators' Stories

The tattoos tell a story. The inmate has four sisters and a brother. Her mother died at the age of 38, when the inmate was 15. The inmate left behind […]


Information and records are often delivered to interested parties in litigation and commercial transactions through the discovery or due diligence process. But memories fail. Documents are misplaced or omitted. People […]

Resolutions From Abe

December 31, 1862   Dear Shareholders,   You brought me in two years ago to deal with what we all hoped would be a situation that could be settled through […]

Fredo Part 4 - Home Is Where The Dirt Is

We return to continue your investigation on potential business partner Frederico “Fredo” Corleone. Depending on the scope decisions made at the beginning of the investigation, you learned that he is either […]

Fredo Part 3 - The Cost of Blood

Welcome back. This week you continue your careful path to crafting a diligence investigation on Frederico “Fredo” Corleone, your client’s new potential business partner.  Last week, you agreed to a “basic background, […]

Fredo Part 2 - Dangerous Women

Last week, we learned that your client is interested in going into business with an exciting Las Vegas club owner and fantastic host named Frederico Corleone. Now, you have no choice […]

Fredo Part 1 - The Club Owner

Scope is a dirty word. It is often the most critical set of decisions you will make with regard to the job you are asking your investigator to perform, and […]


It  hung in abject isolation in a small monastery in Ireland. Seen  every day, but never really seen. Unnoticed and unappreciated by every passerby hurrying to and fro. Too busy […]


From alien hunters to government conspiracists to seasoned litigators, the Freedom of Information Act Request has been inspiring abject terror and unrelenting boredom since 1967.  There are forms for forms […]


Summary of Part 1- Inferno:   Even though you live a life of unparalleled virtue (at least from time to time), you find yourself once again boarding Charon’s little boat […]


You see it every night. The television volume goes up several decibels, and suddenly you’re confronted with a law firm  seeking clients who used your product. A few months later […]

Grapes to Raisins

You make an assumption going in that the facts will always be there. Alive with freshness and ready to pick whenever you’re ready. So no need to worry about the […]


June 6, 1944   Nothing could have been more dependent on planning than the D-Day Invasion.   While Eisenhower valued the activities involved in planning more than the plans themselves:   […]

Jury Research

Much is now being written about searching jury information online and what happens when the lawyer blunders by crossing ethical boundaries. But, what has not been discussed is: what happens […]


Lucius Annaeus Seneca (4BC-AD65), the Roman Stoic philosopher, provides us with 2000-year-old practical wisdom for dealing with fact investigations, particularly those involving mass tort. In The Epistles, Seneca discussed the importance of focusing on the […]

Robinson Crusoe

Settlement talks didn’t work. And now you’re heading to a little town where you’ve never been to try a case before people you’ve never seen. You don’t know the language, […]

Sistene Chapel

In an age of limitless information how do you select a jury? If the Oracle were consulting with you what priorities would she bring to the table? We know that […]