Social Media Investigations
with Forensic Capture

Social media investigations are essential to any litigation or corporate decision-making strategy. Smith & Carson ethically and expertly locates, verifies, analyzes, and reports on case-pertinent social media information relating to individuals and organizations. Our team is trusted by the nation’s leading law firms and corporations to provide comprehensive social media investigations and capture services.


We identify and verify social media and web content that is crucial to litigation and risk mitigation strategies. We apply state-of-the-art processes to comprehensively and accurately locate and verify authenticity of web content and social media profiles, supporting you at each step.


We apply the latest in digital capture technology to provide authenticated social media evidence in compliance with court and regulatory standards for data authenticity and integrity. Forensic captures can be requested standalone or as part of a customized investigation package.


We provide cross-platform comprehensive profiling and historical timeline analysis taking into account all located social media and web sources. We are able to assess the profiles for case-specific information as well as general lifestyle, background data, personality, interests and hobbies, etc.


Our social media monitoring service provides information on relevant profile updates, major life events, status changes, changes in appearance or health status, etc. Attorneys and jury consultants appreciate our ability to handle high-volume projects with speed, accuracy, and precision.



essential social media evidence.

Smith & Carson investigators conduct social media investigations and provide litigation support services tailored to meet a range of needs. Our social media service encompasses four key areas as part of an overall comprehensive social media investigations package: Identification, Capture, Analysis, and Monitoring.

In the Identification phase, we provide complete and accurate identification and verification of social media and web content as a service. Clients may also provide us with a set of pre-identified links, which we then seek to verify and expand upon using our proven methodologies.

In the Capture phase, we provide authenticated social media and web capture for enhanced admissibility. Clients may request captures on their own or as part of an investigation package. Upon submitting a request, we will evaluate the scope and volume of the captures to provide a quote. We also have an expedited option and volume-based discount.

The Analysis phase introduces the core investigative element to our social media offering. We combine identification and capture with intensive hands-on human analysis and easy-to-digest reporting. Scopes can be expanded up to a full complex investigation with forensic capture component, depending on client needs.

Smith & Carson Monitoring services provide attorneys and jury consultants with up-to-date insights surrounding the activity and presence of subjects on social media, as well as general online chatter surrounding a trial or event. Costs are dependent on the number of profiles, frequency of posting activity, and desired level of reporting.

We are able to mix-and-match our Social Media Investigation services and will provide recommendations to fit various strategic and budgetary needs. All of our research and reporting is delivered securely and in easily digestible formats through our user-friendly web portal. Forensic captures are provided in a variety of defensible and searchable formats, are digitally signed, and include metadata and timestamps for enhanced admissibility.

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Smith & Carson can gather information about a particular Plaintiff that would take too much time and effort to do within a law firm. Moreover, it is far less expensive and more comprehensive than what a law firm could do on its own.”

– Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig

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