Juror Research & Analytics

Smith & Carson's JurorSMARTS service combines a dedicated jury research & analytics team with our specialized platform to deliver comprehensive information, insights, and analysis on your jurors.

    Juror Research
  • For high-stakes selection, our thorough and discreet juror research will reveal critical factual information about jurors' backgrounds, viewpoints, and undisclosed biases.
  • Our systematic approach to monitoring identifies relevant web and social media activity by seated jurors throughout trial, as well as social listening about the case generally.
    Data & Insights
  • We provide data analysis on your jury pools and seated jurors that will highlight jurisdictional traits, trends, and variations, to help improve your future selection strategy.

The industry leader in


juror research and analytics

Attorneys and jury consultants rely on JurorSMARTS to identify favorable jurors, strike unfavorable ones, and challenge for cause during high-stakes selection. We provide critical information throughout the entirety of the trial process.

The public background and personality information that we develop helps you see how jurors will truly view your case, and identifies similarities with the plaintiff. Our planning and experience allows us to consistently return exemplary results, regardless of changes in the court's schedule or process.

Smith & Carson’s background jury research is first-rate and an indispensable part of our jury selection strategy. Their extensive research and rapid turnaround provides an unbeatable value and competitive edge.”

– Leading Jury Selection Industry Expert

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