Juror Research & Analytics

We are industry leaders in fact-based juror research. We provide attorneys and jury consultants with reliable information critical to identifying favorable jurors, striking unfavorable ones, and challenging for cause.

    Juror profiling for high-stakes selection:
  • Industry-leading approach and array of sources researched
  • Proven capacity to meet time sensitive deadlines
  • Secure JurorSMARTS portal for delivery of results
  • Tailored research scope and report formats
  • Strict protocols to ensure discretion and the highest ethical standards

We are


of fact-based juror research and data-driven analysis

    Seated juror research and monitoring:
  • Identify undisclosed bias and misconduct
  • Social media monitoring for relevant activity and content
  • Social listening for trial-related news and public opinion
    Pool and predictive verdict analysis:
  • Custom large-scale analysis of your jury pools and verdicts
  • Learn key jurisdictional traits, beyond simple demographics
  • Reveal jury-verdict trends to improve your selection strategy

Smith & Carson’s background jury research is first-rate and an indispensable part of our jury selection strategy. Their extensive research and rapid turnaround provides an unbeatable value and competitive edge.”

– Leading Jury Selection Industry Expert

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