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Taking the Bull by the Horns in Jury Research: Magical Thinking is No Substitute for Facts

When people learn that I work for a company that conducts jury research, the most common response is, “Have you seen ‘Bull’?” The show, which debuted in 2016, added a […]

Batson in the Internet Age, or, Beware Great Expectations

More than 30 years ago, the United States Supreme Court decided Batson v. Kentucky, which prohibits the exercise of peremptory strikes on the basis of race. How is the availability […]

The Rise of Social Media Evidence and the Necessity of Thorough Social Media Investigations

Social media evidence, ranging from Facebook status updates to Instagram photograph posts, can provide valuable insight and information about a person, which makes locating and assessing the social media accounts of […]

Why It’s Important Not to Stay in Your Own Lane

The tattoos tell a story. The inmate has four sisters and a brother. Her mother died at the age of 38, when the inmate was 15. The inmate left behind […]

The Confidentiality of Florida Workers’ Compensation Records after HB 1107

Information and records are often delivered to interested parties in litigation and commercial transactions through the discovery or due diligence process. But memories fail. Documents are misplaced or omitted. People […]

Resolutions From An Embattled CEO

December 31, 1862   Dear Shareholders,   You brought me in two years ago to deal with what we all hoped would be a situation that could be settled through […]